As with all things, there is a wide spectrum of quality you can receive and value in what you pay for.  Vision should not be an area to compromise!  There are many options to select from when purchasing optical lenses.  East Main Vision Clinic has made the decision to only offer the absolute best quality lenses!  We offer Shamir products, a company that has been making lenses since 1972 and in our experience, has been unsurpassed in quality and technology.  Our patients have been wearing Shamir lenses since Dr. Day opened East Main Vision Clinic in 2007 and have had continued success with the clarity and ease of ‘learning’ their new prescription and/or progressive.

Progressive lenses have been around for more than 50 years and as technology has improved, so have progressive lens designs.  Unfortunately, not all companies provide their patients with the most current technology, which can diminish clear vision and not ‘adapting’ to your lens design.

Older progressive have a pre-set corridor with a prescription ground into the lenses which can be narrow, have hard to find focal points, cause distortion, limited range, and overall discomfort both visually and physically (in head and neck).  New technology progressive lenses available at our office by Shamir are not made until we order them. They take into account not only the prescription and frame measurement, but the distance between the lenses and eye, curve of the frame, tilt of the lens, and position of the eye in the lenses. These specific measurements are used to create a customized high-definition pair of lenses with exceptional vision, wide viewing area, and ease of use.

Progressive lenses are not the only lenses that can be customized with new technology.  Our single vision lenses are also customized to your prescription, while many other companies still use a preset standard mold design.

In addition to the progressive which is a great multi-purpose lens, many of us work and have leisure time that consists of many hours on computer, laptops, tablets, and phones, creating a need for an additional pair of technology specific eyeglasses.  These lenses are also made custom to your prescription taking into account what type of electronic device you are on, how you hold your head, and how far you sit from it.  There is not much need for distance vision when spending time on these devices. Wearing lenses with greater viewing area for mid and near range will give wider viewing areas and ease of neck pain from tilting up to look under the distance vision in a progressive lens.  Technology lenses can be customized with a small distance area, depending on needs.

In addition to quality lens design, Shamir has a premium non-glare treatment that is made specifically for their lenses.  Non-glare aids in visual comfort and clarity.

Not all lenses are created equal, be sure you research what type of lenses you are purchasing to ensure you get advanced technology and the best vision possible!

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